ADR Tankering

Our ADR transport machinery can handle any task

By law, waste producers and waste disposal contractors are bound with strict legal obligations, including the ADR treaty which governs transnational hazardous materials removal. For a reliable waste disposal company, with the knowledge and experience to deal with all health and safety compliances, look no further than Pro-Clean Industrial Services.

Hazardous waste removal in Wednesbury 

Pro-Clean Industrial Services is proud to be a Registered Carrier of hazardous waste. Our staff are trained to give immediate advice on the assessment, documentation, and safe disposal of potentially dangerous wastes, including 24/7 availability throughout the UK (including West Bromwich, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and Telford) in emergency cases. We also offer bulk waste removal to quickly deal with bigger jobs than many companies can cater to, saving you time and money.

Our waste removal tankers

Our modern tanker fleet provides our clients with ADR transport options to match all requirements. For jobs with tight access, we provide six-wheeled rigid tankers with inbuilt jetting units, whilst our articulated tankers can deal with both hazardous and non-hazardous bulk material. If necessary, we also offer articulated and eighteen-tonne curtain side vehicles for drummed or packaged waste streams.

Why choose Pro-Clean Industrial Services?

There are a number of benefits to the ADR transport options we provide. Environmentally speaking, our methods reduce air, water, and soil pollution associated with extracting and processing raw materials, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. This can benefit your company by providing a ‘green’ image, as well as improving the efficiency of your production line and reducing raw material costs. Finally, we eliminate hazardous waste altogether, avoiding RCRA regulatory requirements.
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