Waste Disposal Services


Thirty years of waste disposal services in Wednesbury

As one of the UK's most widely accredited waste disposal services, we at Pro-Clean Industrial Services can provide all the necessary legal documentation for the removal, transportation,  and disposal of your waste products. Our three decades of experience has given us the ability to tackle jobs of any size, from small businesses to large blue chip companies, all whilst complying with current health and safety regulations.

Our waste disposal process

Our waste disposal services are quick, efficient, and secure. Using data sheets and analysis by our team, we identify the waste stream and if repackaging, labelling, or over drumming is needed, this is provided prior to collection. We then transport the waste and dispose of it at a licensed facility. Our services are always tailored to all your specific business needs, offering flexible but economic solutions. 

The benefits of our adaptable methods

There are numerous benefits to our efficient methods of waste disposal:
  • Peace of mind that waste will be removed with no hassle
  • Saving energy during the extraction, transport, and processing of raw materials
  • Reducing air, water, soil pollution, and greenhouse gases associated with extracting and processing raw materials
  • Better production line efficiency
  • Adding to a positive company image for being ‘green’
We’re available for waste disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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